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French glass maker

For 40 years, Grav’Or has given you its expertise for layout and architecture projects. Our savoir-faire is unique and our innovation out of the ordinary.

Our craft is to make glass alive. Thanks to the magic of the play of light and shadow, you can appreciate the engraving, the gilding, the lacquering and many other techniques…


Authentic and unique realisations

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Villeroy Hotel, Paris

Thin engraving and progressive sandblasting made on curved glass.

PHOTO 2 realisation
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Private apartment, Paris

Wall covering in an apartment hall, handmade lacquering.

PHOTO 4 realisation
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CERAP offices, France

55.2 silence glazing office partitions to preserve the acoustic privacy.

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Marc-Antoine Barrois Boutique, Paris / London

Wall panel with finishes made with maple sugar and light coloured lacquering.

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Interior partition

Glass guardrail and floor tiles.

Our expertise

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14, Arnold Dolmetsch Street
72000 Le Mans, FRANCE

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