Writing Wall

Writing wall

Get rid of your old noticeboard, and start using a Writing wall!
A real communication tool in any company, and available in multiple colours, a Writing Wall makes it possible to write and display on glass. It lends itself admirably to daily use of dry erase markers and can be easily cleaned.
Designed in lacquered glass, a Writing wall can be magnetic in order to hang documents. Extremely durable, it has a protective film to prevent breakage.

Write on walls… Free your spirit!

At the office or at home, a Writing wall is an excellence expression tool. Write on glass, erase, and leave some space for other creative ideas!
Applicable in partitions, wall covering, or blackboard, a Writing wall is customisable with any colours or decorative elements.

Image projection on glass

Ideal for large surfaces, a wall covering can be modified by a mattifying treatment, which allows cutting the reflection and using that wall glass as images or films projection support, in companies or at home.