UV bonding

UV bonding

Mainly used in the glass furniture projects, the UV bonding is one of the most delicate procedures and demands a high degree of expertise. The glue must be carefully applied on clean surfaces, and the glass volumes must be pressed consistently, the UV radiation from the lamp freeze the glue for several minutes.

The technical challenge lies in the air bulls that require the total attention of the technician, who must chase it away after the pieces assembly. Once the assembly is made, all the bonding effects will be totally disappeared.
We can find the use of the UV bonding in the furniture production such as tables, lamps, or glass libraries for example, but also in the installation of glass partitions or railings in edge to edge, or in the exceptional objects.

The advantages

What distinguishes the process is that:
•The UV bonding of the lamp is perfectly invisible, giving a fantastic purity effect to your glass furniture.
•The UV bonding technique offers unique adhesion properties.

When to prescribe ?

As defined, the UV bonding allows to assemble the glass pieces with total transparency for ultimate aesthetic. It is therefore the most appropriate technique to design your glass furniture.

The small + of Grav'Or

The expertise of GravOr in the UV bonding allows it to generate the most creative ideas, and so we will have unique furniture with the exact colours and dimensions.