Very used in the glass decoration and also in the world of office partitions, the sandblasting is a polishing process obtained by abrasive sand projection, corundum, via a jet of compressed air. The corundum grains create small cavities and thus provide the desired frosted or satin effect, decorating then the glass in full or degraded pattern.

The sandblasting can be applied on the annealed (float) glass, the laminated glass and the tempered glass. We use the manual blasting for the glass with small dimensions, for manufacturing objects, furniture, or for the unique shower cubicles. The medium and large volumes of glass are sandblasted through a specialized machine to obtain very fashionable progressive frost in the office layout with glass partitions.

The advantages

This work realised on glass is distinguished by many points:
•Incomparable finishing quality
•Ecological procedures and natural decoration
•Life time cycle and infinity aspect

When to prescribe ?

The sandblasting offers an exceptional visual appearance; it is recommended for the projects of durable and qualitative decor. We often compare it with the window stickers’ films, but the connoisseurs prefer to use the sandblasting to guarantee a superior finishing level.

The small + of Grav'Or

In the field of office partitions, ensure not to grease joints of the chassis during the insertion of the sandblasted glazing in the rebate.