Very appreciated by the decorators, architects and luxury actors, the gold leaf engraving offers an incomparable upscale. It is incrusted in the glass through a deep engraving procedure, enabling a contrast from the exceptional materials and replies to all the codes of luxury and elegance.
The gold leaf engraving covers the deep engraving, or the chiselled glass and sublimes the decor and gives a visual impression of the precious metal encapsulated in a layer of ice.

We can have the pleasure to see the gold leaf engraving in certain partitions, especially in spa, in wall cladding, and in exceptional objects.

The advantages

Real material impression on the glass
More elegant than the golden painting
Its application with the brush allows to decor different types of objects
Extremely durable by its incrusting in the glass layer

When to prescribe ?

Considered as a pageantry element, the gold leaf engraving is integrated marvellously in the high-end mural decoration (luxurious brands, corporate offices…), it is also found in the prestigious objects, like trophies or the engraved champagne bottles.

The small + of Grav'Or

The deep engraving of the gold leaf art brings relief to the decor, which is very sought in the interior design in 2019.