Deep engraving

Deep engraving

The deep engraving consists at digging in the glass through the pressed sandblasting in order to create relief and to bring volume to a flat material. We manage the depth effect to play on the contrast and produce exceptional decorations on the artistic plan. We can make then infinite engraving forms on glass, encrusted on the gold leaf engraving, also we can create all types of objects and decorations.

The advantages

Extremely precise, it offers an incomparable degree of finishing.
Realised at the heart of the glass, it brings an exceptional lasting quality to the glass.
Just as the sandblasting, this procedure is natural and ecological.

When to prescribe ?

By its extreme precision, or the possibility of combining with its other techniques, such as the inlaying with the gold leaf, the deep engraving matches perfectly with the wall decoration design (company logos, motifs) and exceptional.

The small + of Grav'Or

We can work on the glass texture and give it a polished aspect by using the varnish, to create visual effects that match with your perfection standards.