The glass roughening is a pure craftsmanship. Entirely a handmade procedure that consists of bursting the glass to chisel, key after key, to reach unbelievable motifs. It is possible to roughen more or less the glass thickness, in its heart or on the edges.

We can find the roughened glass in the wall cladding of luxurious sights, in certain signage elements, but also in kitchens, and other living rooms for particulars.

The roughened glass associated with the decorated gold leaf engraving brings a sublime rendering. Associated with several techniques as the lacquering or the deep engraving, the roughening on the same glass volume allows to reach several exceptional items, all unique. The visual elegance provided by the roughening is timeless; the interior design takes an artistic vision.

The advantages

Entirely handmade, the glass roughening offers motives for flawless precisions.
From the artistic side, the glass roughening creates inimitable unique decorations.

When to prescribe ?

The visual elegance brought by the glass roughening makes a technique for the wall cladding (signage, logos, decorations) and prestige objects, in the field of hotels or the luxurious offices.

The small + of Grav'Or

To sublimate that exceptional work, GravOr recommends covering the roughening glass with the gold leaf engraving for a more astonishing rendering.