The history of a brand


Created in 1982, GravOr company was born by the imagination of Dominique BOUCLY, a business woman and an artist. The director chose to make its first workshop at 14 Arnold DOLMETSCH street in Le Mans, France. She starts working on the glass transformation and its different types of decorations. Surrounded by its team, Dominique BOUCLY has chosen her field: Here where we are surrounded by simple glass, we can decorate our personal spaces and professional ones with the decorated glass.

During the 90s, GravOr inspired the architects with a fine decoration taste, by inscribing the glass over the time. The luxury taste accessible in the decoration is now on stage after a long period of austerity.

Our brand is the partner of designers and interior decorators, by participating in the strong development of the western Paris, by many projects at La Défense, but also in the most prestigious places in all France. Still and always, the purity of glass that is being transformed under the sandblasting effect, the colours here and there in the halls and offices, leave a liberty for the designers to imagine without limits.

The 20 of January 2014, Isabelle RATISKOL resumed the business, attracted by this ever-changing material. Her development strategy lies on the perpetual actualisation of the working on glass methods, associated with the valorisation of spaces outside the borders.

If the notion of the decoration on glass ever existed before GravOr’s presence in the world of mirrors, it is here who made a central concept, by frequently modifying each new aspect, creating at each time a new impressive decoration.

Transforming the glass, decorating it according to everyone’s attention, leaving the light to browse and sublime it. Our job is to make the glass alive, thanks to the magic of shadows and lights, provided by the engraving, the sandblasting & the lacquering.

This ecological material is more alive than ever; structural or a decorative element, its several usage possibilities bring purity and style for all trends.


Specialising in all areas of bespoke glass work, we’re best known for our expertise in producing glass pieces for interior fittings.


Whether you are a private homeowner, property developer or architect, browse our gallery below to see some of our glass work.

Materials library

Discover some examples of decorative glass and mirrors to illustrate the multiple inspirations, techniques, styles, and applications of glass.

The sucess of a team

Around Isabelle RATISKOL, the director, nearly 30 people who bring to life the GravOr brand every day, to reach the ultimate satisfaction of its customers. In the constant search of perfection, the team is organized, improves the process, develops the products, and sustains relationships.

The real pleasure is a Team work.

Being upstream to the finest projects, ensuring the effective implementation of the most complex samples, participating to the birthplace is breath-taking.

Meeting, demonstrating, being seduced by the quality and the care provided to the service, to the glass work, these are the highlights of our business.

• In cutting and shaping, 6 employees who receive the glass plates and transform them.
• In the commercial department, 2 assistants and 3 business developers who meet all kinds of demands.
• At the logistics and transportation department, 6 employees ensure the routings of volumes, from our workshops to the delivery points.
• At the direction board, the production director, the business development responsible and the product managers optimize the company and its services.

Today, GravOr proposes new decorations to magnify the interiors, reinventing spaces and making original designs. Via the first contracts won abroad, the company is proud to sell its French expertise beyond the borders.