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Partitions and Doors

GRAV'OR - Miroiterie et Décoration sur verre. Depuis 1982, la miroiterie Grav’Or crée, décore et embellit les espaces, pour ses clients de Paris, mais également de France et de l’International. Sablage, laquage, façonnage, gravure profonde, à la feuille d'or, bouchardage, collage UV... GRAV'OR est le partenaire de vos projets verriers.

partitions, magnetic ecrimur and glass doors

The nowadays trend resides in the transparency of the company’s furniture. The behaviours are changing at work: openness, assistance, team work. Certain societies have chosen the open spaces design. Others search for certain privacy that the glass perfectly allows, with keeping the openness spirit in the company.

Cloisons simple vitrage

glass partitions

Perfect for creating private spaces with having some lights in, the glass partitions, fixed or sliding, can be in all shapes and can adapt with all dimensions. Grav’Or works on the glass for all your partitions projects, simple or double glazing (double skin), and much more. 

The laminated glass can have acoustic strengthened features by demand. From a design perspective, it is possible to insert coloured, opaque or even transparent films between the glass layers to have a unique decorative effect. Ideal support for the decoration, the signage or the engraved logos, our lacquering and sandblasting procedures bring to the glass partitions the perfect finishing quality.

Download our decor range, or ask us to produce yours from the vectorized files.


eCRIMUR, the magnetic glass

Done with the paperboard, Up to Ecrimur!

Presenting a real work and a communication tool, available in multiple colours, it is likely admirable to the daily writing pen, but it is endless and can be cleaned. It is designed on the lacquered glass, Ecrimur can be magnetic for hanging documents to it. Extremely durable, it is protected by a film that holds the glass in case of breakage.

glass doors :
brightened, glazed, flushed

Just as partitions, glass doors allow some privacy while providing light and contact with the outside. For an extreme strength, the brightened glass in the tempered doors offers exceptional resistance. The glazed doors with aluminium edge succeeded to be a source of seduction thanks to its simplicity and price. Always keeping in mind an elegance in the designs, Grav’Or designs customized flushed doors, where the glass is bonded with a double skin on the frame till the edges, such doors integrate perfectly with all the interiors.