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Kitchens and bathrooms

GRAV'OR - Miroiterie et Décoration sur verre. Depuis 1982, la miroiterie Grav’Or crée, décore et embellit les espaces, pour ses clients de Paris, mais également de France et de l’International. Sablage, laquage, façonnage, gravure profonde, à la feuille d'or, bouchardage, collage UV... GRAV'OR est le partenaire de vos projets verriers.

kitchens and bathrooms

The kitchen and the bathroom, as water rooms, are most conductive to using the glass, not only for the hygiene and the ease of cleaning that it procures, but  also for the elegance that it provides.


hood's background

Panels are generally produced on the floated (annealed) glass, lacquered with a film to maintain the glass in case of breakage. The decoration is provided by the sandblasting to create unique and big precisions. The hood’s background is made in glass to support high temperatures. 

ecrimur in your kitchen

The ideal support to write your recipes, to note them, to fix your ideas, or to leave it for your creativity, Ecrimur is perfectly adapted for kitchens. Very simple to clean and creates the animation in the room.

Ecrimur exists in a simple version and a magnetic version, in white, in black and in all lours. Click here to discover the colors GRAV'OR


Clean material, hygienic and easy to clean: three main characteristics of the glass that makes the excellent material for the kitchens and bathrooms’ wall cladding. The wall glass can be made in all colours to reach the perfect harmony with your furniture.

Whether it is for your cupboard doors, your work plans, or your wall cladding, the glass is the most likely material for your kitchen.  

shower enclosures

The shower enclosures are subject to repeated utilisations, and has to offer a strong resistance. Grav’Or recommends the utilisation of the tempered glass for safety reasons. The shower enclosure is completely necessary if there is forecasted notches or holes in the glass.  

The bottom of the shower is generally made of lacquered glass for its aesthetic rendering. However the bathroom project is, it is possible to dress the lacquered glass with the desired colour. The shower enclosures and the shower backgrounds can be decorated by deep engraving and varnish. The anti-limestone treatment is strongly recommended, for the perfect aesthetic and with less effort.


Here the utilisation of the LED light is associated to the deep engraving and the roughening, which enables to have exceptional results. Any customization of your interior design space can be made with glass.  


bathrooms : work plans and backsplash in glass

The kitchen is a room where we spend most of our times. To make an amazing space for living and for working, the design and the decoration are central elements. For a daily usage, for the eyes pleasure, the work plans and the glass backsplashes, the elegance, the hygiene, the easiness to clean, those are the main things that will make the difference in your kitchen.